• Fruitspreads


    Consisting of the best fruits, we produce a fruit spread with a fruit content of 78%.

  • Chutneys


    Consists of fruits and / or vegetables and is preserved by vinegar and sugar. Chutneys fit wonderfully to short-bred meat, game, fish, Asian dishes and cheese. They are also suitable for refining soups or salad dressings.

  • Editions


    Adapted to the season, there is also a change. In our spring and summer season you will find the Easter, Birthday or Mother's Day. But the autumn and winter season also makes you want more; Ice Edition and Christmas Edition.


Fruchtaufstriche with 78% Fruitcontent: 78% fruit depending on the variety, sugar, lime juice concentrate and gelling agent pectin.
Chutneys: Vegetables and fruit in varying weight ratios depending on the variety, red onion, various types of vinegar, cane sugar, herbs and spices, blackboard oil.