Allergen Statement

( Allergen information) - Legend According regulation EU 1169/2011 :

Cereals containing gluten and products thereof [A]

Crustaceans and products thereof [B]

Eggs and products thereof [C]

Fish and products thereof [D]

Peanuts and products thereof [E]

Soybeans and products thereof [F]

Milk and products thereof (including lactose) [G]


Celery and products thereof [L]

Mustard and products thereof [M]

Sesame seeds and products thereof [N]

Sulphur dioxide and sulphites [O]

Lupin and products thereof [P]

Molluscs and products thereof [R]

Fruitspreads - 78% Fruit Content

Pure Varieties:

Blackberry; Strawberry*; Blueberry, Raspberry*, Cherry, Kiwi, Apricot*, Peach, Red Currant, Sour Cherry, Plum*, Orange;

Energizing Superfruits:

Acerola-Blueberry, Apple - Elderberry, Blackberry - Blueberry, Strawberry - Raspberry*, Raspberry - Rhubarb, Raspberry - white chia seeds, Blueberry - Raspberry, Strawberry - Apple, Strawberry - Apricot*, Raspberry - Peach, Raspberry - Coconut, Coconut - Gojiberries, Strawberry and Raspberry with Chia seeds (subject to the decision of the European Commission)

Detox Superfruits:

Ananas - Coconut, Blackberry - Vanilla, Strawberry - Plum*, Blueberry - Acai, Blueberry - Cherry, Raspberry - Rhubarb, Cherry - Raspberry, Cherry - Red Currant, Apricot - Raspberry*, Peach - Pear, Buckthorn - Elderberry, Plum - Choleberry, Plum - Blueberry, Plum - Elderberyy, Plum with Chia seeds (subject to the decision of the European Commission)

Happiness Superfruits:

Banana - Raspberry, Banana - Coconut, Mango - Maracuja, Apricot - Chokeberry, Apricot with chia seeds (subject to the decision of the European Commision)

Fruitspreads - 72% Fruits Content

Wild Cranberries


Apple - Fig ( 10, 12), BBQ (12), Pear (12), Blackberry (12), Fig (10,12), Raspberry (12), Elderberry - Pear ( 10, 12), Mango (12), Apricot (10,12), Red Currant - Plum (12), Tomato - Blackberry (12), Plum (12)

*also available in organic