• Philosophy - Innovation, Quality, Superfruits & More

    Goldsonne is a dynamic producer of fruit spreads, all with 78 % fruit content, and chutneys in Austria and certified after IFS Global Markets and Organic standards. The company is trendsetter in his branch and designs his rolling range corresponding to the 4 seasons.

    The assortment is about more than 300 different creations of fruit spreads with superfruits, chutneys and superfood soups.

    Innovation, quality, origin of the primary products and sustainability are the keys to our success.



    The patented recipe and the high fruit content of 78 % in our fruitspreads guarantee a unique taste experience. Composed of 78 % fruit content and only of high quality primary products we use sugar sparingly. Guests with metabolic syndrome are also invited to consume our products. No flavourance or preservatives are used.


    Flavors ranging from exactly fruity to delicated spicy, our chutneys make a perfect accompaniment to a wide range of cheeses and as a great addition to meat, fish, BBQ-dishes, soups and salad dressings.

    A rolling range corresponding to the 4 seasons provide a great fruit pleasure.